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Why 24H00i ?

October 26, 2016
Why 24H00i ?

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Browsing the internet on your smartphone, you read a very interesting article. So much that you include it in your digital Eve to read it later in more comfort. In the evening, sitting comfortably, tablet in your hand you wish to take back the reading of that article. You start reading, captivated by the first sentences, the first words, and suddenly,  without you having asked for anything, a giant advertising comes between your eyes, your brain, your pleasure and the source of that  namely Article. You close that window and your eyes scan the article devoted to  F-Form organisations wich gives you so much pleasure. This is short-lived because another banner appears and recommends a purchase that you do not need. A fascinating article spoiled by  digital sales representative form of advertising inserts. To this is added, invitations to meet the object of your heart to the side. The problem is we do not speak of advertising but an eyesore.

At this point, we wanted only one thing: the quality of information, free and devoid of advertising hindrance.

We wanted our own media. A media wich reflects who we are, namely serious and released. On February 24, 2016, at 1 am sharp we launched the website information 24H00i. Enthusiasts from all over the world together on one website providing quality articles. A website where everyone can enjoy reading as peacefully as well as desirable. An open website on all the world and other humans being. So we took action and built what we could not find. We made it with a strategy of sharing  because a passionate human being spends his whole life for his passion and share it. A website open to the world and especially to humans. A website is rich in the diversity of passions and humans who make it. Each person has made and makes her contribution to the building. A building wich rises progressively as the content is enriched with new themes, new looks. New, because the quality is primarily 24H00i innovate mainly on content.

This website does not belong to us because it is open to others. Like all fans, we only share our knowledge, our thoughts and deposit them on social networks so that the majority can think in peace.


24H00i the website guaranteed : 100% passionates, 100% international 0% advertising


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