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Reinventing the present and developing the future, it is with these words that come to our mind that we could take stock of this Web Summit 2018.

Let’s start with a few moments of our exploration on the 3rd day, with a particular focus on the giants of the tech who was present and widely visible … with a less singular approach than usual.

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(“The tech giants too big to collapse?” … a question that sounds like a warning and an awareness)

Demonstrations of concrete cases of uses (+ + +) relevant artificial intelligence. Highlighting how data protection and user safety are now a concern at the heart of the design and development of solutions and in-fine presentation of new products accompanied by advice and explanatory workshops; here is the fairly homogeneous methodology found on all the stands of the big names such as Microsoft, Google, IBM, Cisco, Siemens, … but also the solutions and business services well known to developers and other professionals who have taken advantage of importance in recent years in B2B (Team Viewer, Jira, …).

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Is it reassuring for business customers and users? It is not possible to say it at the moment, in any case, the uniform message that it was held to broadcast to the visitors of the event is that of reassuring about the technology and the consideration of the problems that have been generated by Digital in the broad sense (fakes news, protection of personal data, ethics, …).

“We can exhibit 1 day out of 3, we must manage the visits and go to the investors and potential partners at other times”

On the side of startups, apart from the times when they can exhibit, there is a lot of animations, workshops, conferences, talks available, to create sharing, feedback, testimonials, … the community dynamics “Startup” is really present and in a world where 8 to 9 out of 10 startups fail to pass the 3 years mark (on average), it is useful and virtuous to communicate around good practices and solutions to help each other, if we consider and seem to consider the organizers of the Web Summit, the future of the web will also go through today’s startups.

Startups also have pride of place on many stands of big behemoths of tech and other big brands (BMW, Calvin Klein, Tommy Hilfiger, …); proof that the association and more pragmatically incubation is a real future solution for those actors who wish to trust smaller and more dynamic structures to experiment with new ideas.

When we are startups also present on the Web Summit and who is one of 2000 who was able to exhibit, we must concentrate on remembering what is essential; find funds, find partners, find customers, … in short find axes of growth.

In particular, we met Joseph Rouff of the Re-engage (Reengage.io) startup currently incubated at Station F and who has a desire to go into exile partly in the province potentially in Normandy, who explained to us how his first participation in Web Summit: “we can expose 1 day out of 3, it is necessary to manage the visits and to look for the investors and potential partners the other moments […]”, a race of all the moments during 3 days to optimize its displacement and to seize the opportunity that in a lapse of compressed time we can accelerate as much as in 6 months with all available actors (investors, customers, partners) in one place.

Business, awareness, and foresight

To conclude on these 3 days to the Web Summit, we will remember that we visited an event rich in actors of the web and digital ecosystem.

That the way the event is designed is interesting for meetings and exchanges with high added value.

That the Summit Web application is well thought out … but bug enormously !!! (Very boring).

What a point of honor was given to sensitize, explain, reassure on the technologies and the different subjects induced by Digital for 10 years, the explosion of the social networks, the ultra mobility and the new uses (commitment of the collaborators, dependency behaviors, pro / private life, data protection, ethics, …); and that in our opinion as a consulting firm, strategy and project management is capital and necessary.

That the web of tomorrow, must and feed on the errors of the web as it exists today and re-invent … why not another parallel internet? … not too “Dark”, of freedom and respect?

At the dawn of the arrival of controls of public publications of social networks by the tax authorities in France, is not it time to imagine the useful and protective web that everyone dreams about, as much for the general public as for professionals?

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Lamine Talakela – CEO Consulting TIME, pour NWX et la Founder Family.


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