Last December, I had the chance to dive into the heart of CES in Las Vegas, the essential meeting point for technological innovation. Here are my impressions and advice for those considering this adventure. **Las Vegas: A Surprising City**

Las Vegas is more than a city of casinos; it’s a hub for major events. My first piece of advice? Stay close to the Venetian, the epicenter of CES. The city is extensive, and the event spreads out across different venues. The Monorail is efficient and affordable. Be prepared for an underground experience, moving from casino to casino, in a city that seems only to come alive on weekends. **Preparation: Beyond Expectations**

Access to CES can seem expensive, but there are tricks to getting badges at a lower cost. The logistics on-site are impressive: good signage, top-notch security, and majestic stands offering unique experiences, although heavily focused on hardware. **CES: A Stepping Stone to the American Market?**

For a startup, CES is primarily an entry point to the American market. Being ready to demonstrate your product is crucial. However, the event seems less suited for startups not focused on hardware. Little presence in sport tech, Web3, gaming, or AI, despite a growing interest in the Metaverse. **Verdict: Between Disappointment and Opportunities**

My experience was mixed. Despite some disappointments, I made valuable contacts, especially with international delegations. CES is specific: ideal for those targeting the American market with innovative hardware products, less so for niches like sport tech. **Final Advice**

Visit CES with clear and prepared objectives. For me, a reassessment is required before a possible return, unless my focus on the American market becomes more precise. #CES2023#Innovation#StartUp#Tech#LasVegas#Networking#MarketEntry

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