This year, we are excited to announce that our delegation will include 45 enthusiasts for the third edition of LEAP, a global event that brings together over 150,000 participants and nearly 1500 VCs. It’s the perfect opportunity to dive into a bubbling ecosystem of opportunities in the vibrant city of Riyadh. [ **Riyadh: A Crossroads of Cultures and Innovations**

Riyadh, with its cultural richness and culinary diversity, offers an exceptional backdrop for this event. The city showcases the rapid growth and opening to tourism of Saudi Arabia. It’s an invitation to explore the flavors of the Middle East and witness the dynamic evolution of the country. [ **What’s New This Year: Prepare Your Journey**

This year’s edition will be held an hour away from Riyadh. We advise all participants to plan their accommodation accordingly. Access to the event is facilitated by simple online visas [, highlighting the global accessibility of this meeting. **Together on the Road to Innovation**

Our delegation will not only participate in LEAP; we are also organizing a road trip through the Saudi ecosystem, with visits to accelerators, ministries, and international organizations dedicated to digital cooperation. This will be a unique opportunity to forge connections, exchange ideas, and discover new perspectives. **Join Our WhatsApp Group**

If you plan to attend LEAP and want to enrich your experience, we invite you to join us. Our WhatsApp group is open to everyone, especially those traveling to Saudi Arabia for the first time. Traveling in a group, especially with experienced individuals, makes the experience both more rewarding and easier. ( We are proud to be partners of this event and look forward to sharing this adventure with you. For more information and to join our WhatsApp group, please don’t hesitate to contact me directly. **”A DIGITAL DAVOS”**   The world’s most attended tech event, where you journey Into New Worlds Riyadh Exhibition and Convention Center   Malham, Saudi Arabia   4 – 7 March 2024 #LEAP2024#Innovation#Riyadh#SaudiArabia#Tech#Networking#Delegation

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