Last February, I had the privilege of attending the WAICF, the AI Festival in Cannes, an event that turned out to be a goldmine of opportunities and discoveries in the field of AI. A Diverse and International Event

WAICF stands out for its diversity, bringing together major players like NVIDIA and AMD, as well as numerous innovative startups. This festival offered a panoramic view of the varied AI ecosystems, going beyond French borders to include Italian, Walloon, and other presences. A truly international AI crossroads on a human scale. Cannes: An Idyllic Setting

The festival’s location in Cannes adds to its charm. Easy access to good restaurants and the proximity to the sea provide a unique experience, blending work and relaxation in a most welcoming setting. Openness and Accessibility

With conferences in French and English, and passes offering free access to booths and certain conferences, WAICF is open to the general public. This accessibility, combined with two professional days and one day open to the public, makes the event inclusive and enriching. Impactful Encounters

My participation allowed me to forge valuable professional connections and discover remarkable initiatives such as the launch of EUROPIA CAPITAL – EIAC, promising innovative audits on AI startups. Invited by

@Jean-Louis Brelet and Marcel Dridje, I explored future partnerships with Entrepreneur Avenue, thus strengthening my network in the entrepreneurship universe. Meeting with Christian Jumelet and his entire GUILD4AI AI ecosystem sharing news, usages, bringing together speakers, experts, market players. Reuniting with Isabelle GALY whom I hadn’t seen for a decade :-). Thinking about the future with Haïkel DRINE on AI and the continent, we even participated in a roundtable on AI and Africa. Conclusion: An Unforgettable Experience

The WAICF was for me much more than a festival; it is a source of inspiration, learning, and connections. I leave not only with quality professional contacts but also with new perspectives and opportunities, triggers for future projects. WAICF once again proves that innovation in AI is dynamic and open, providing vast horizons for those ready to immerse themselves. Looking forward to the next edition! #WAICF2023 #ArtificialIntelligence #Innovation #Networking #Cannes

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