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Paris, the city of light, is part of the changes in the world economy and ecosystems. The best evidence is the birth of L’Ecole 42 by Xavier Niel (CEO of Free and Founder of Illiad) in the heart of the 17th arrondissement, which has just been ranked as the world’s first programming school in a recent ranking. April 2017 will be the month when Station F, the world’s largest start-up incubator, will open its doors. A unique place will bring together the whole of the entrepreneurial ecosystem on a surface of 34 000 m², open every day without a break because creativity does not take rest. To this is added an infrastructure designed to accommodate the largest number but especially a made to measure support program for Startups by companies, VCs and Grandes Ecoles (Major Schools in France). Among these big companies, Facebook has just announced the implementation of its own support program of startups within Station F.

For the first time in its history and in the world, Facebook puts a real physical incubator in one of the most prestigious cities in the world for its tourism.

Will digital tourism be born? This is already the case with the many digital events around the world.

Facebook whose success story can not be denied, is based on an economic model in constant evolution. The creativity of the social network in terms of innovation, acquisition of other networks make it the first actor and above all the most unavoidable in the world. The customization of its content is the best thing about the UX. This is made possible by data, the new black gold of the 21st century. Data provided by its 1.79 billion users worldwide so 24 million in France, not to mention the users of Instagram now owned by the firm at the big F. A useful data to share and manage the More efficiently possible Smart Cities like Toulouse but especially to streamline humans relationships.

The firm of Mark Zuckerberg will support 10 to 15 startups working on the data on cycles of 6 months. For this reason, the best experts of the firm are mobilized in order to make « these young startups become strong international businesses » to constitute the most beautiful digital ecosystem.

Support for companies does not stop there because it is the whole station F that will benefit not only from the know-how of the experts in terms of Marketing, Growth Hacking and UX / UI but also its global influence. Beyond startups, it is a city, a country, and even an economy that will benefit from this impulse.

Ventes Privées another success story, a french one this time, also implants its incubator within Station F. The world leader of online destocking with Jacques-Antoine Granjon at its head, is experiencing an exponential success, also Innovation does not stop at one area and Fashion Tech is a good example. Here the incubator aims to support startups which work on the best customer experience that is thanks to IoT, but also on another way of consuming and producing the garment through intelligent textile materials. In order to do this, the group will provide guidance and support to 20 startups on a 9-month cycle.

Finally, Startups will be able to meet VC’s (Venture Capital), including Ventech, in order to maximize the execution of their business.

Beyond startups, it is a city, a country, and even an economy that will benefit from this impulse.

This incubator is just the beginning!

The question that arises is: Whose turn?

Big Day on April 1st for the inauguration with 24H00i and Startup.Live: https://stationf.co/apply/


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