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Jonathan Coker

May 30, 2022
Jonathan Coker

Senior Programme manager/Entrepreneur

Jonathan was entranced with technology as a young child and has forged a successful career as a technology project manager.

Based in London, Jonathan is a global citizen with Nigerian roots and has achieved in multiple entrepreneurial adventures that include Togo, Ghana, Nigeria, UAE, Zambia and South Africa. These projects underpin his track record of delivering high profile, multi-million pound projects.

Jonathan continues active in making measurable differences within his community via the vehicle of the Swyft Group, which supports start-ups and events, and is aimed chiefly at developing the skills and horizons of delegates who attend. An illustration readily to hand is the 2015 Swyft Group Hackathon in Lomé, Togo.

Jonathan expects to provide continuing support for & involvement in the spectrum of technology with an emphasis on social entrepreneurship.

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