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When we talk about the video game market and more specific eSports, Africa is seen as a particular continent, even put aside. Most of the time, you hear about Asian, European or American pro gamers without having a single doubt that the cradle of humanity is also a land of gaming that could well become the future of eSport because 50% of the population World will be African by 2050. I would let you imagine the potential power of the content. But let’s stop talking in the past tense to observe the present and conjugate the future.

The Internet has abolished borders reducing distances in significant ways. Also, a game has no boundaries and can continuously be played both in Taipei and Abidjan at the same time. No one will be surprised to know that eSports tournaments are also played in Africa. As proof, Orange organized the CAN eSport, the eSport counterpart of the African Cup of Nations, which was played on the PES game and under the name Orange Football Club eSport tournament. This tournament has gathered more than 1000 players from 8 countries.

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Subsequently, Morocco organized its local tournament League of Legends which spanned several months with a cash prize of 100,000 dirhams and a qualifying spot for the Africa Game Show. Before that, it was Algiers who hosted its tournament with its teams from the Maghreb both male and female. A total of 124 players from North Africa with a cash prize of 1 million dinars. An event created by the NACL (North African Cyber League) which organizes a considerable number of tournaments throughout the Maghreb and has adopted social networks, Youtube included, to broadcast its events and promote the eSport.

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After that, South Africa organized a major competition with a cash prize of more than $ 100,000 and an unprecedented media coverage for Africa (527 accredited media). This event took place from October 6th to 8th at the 15th edition of the rAge Expo.

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In a while, Madagascar will see its second edition of Tana Games Week. An event in a country that has perfectly structured its eSport offer. The Money Prize will be of a consisting amount in relation to the country’s income, and here too, the communication is perfectly orchestrated (We will cover the event for eSportsAfrica).

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On the same date, it is Abidjan that will shake the continent with the Federation of Electronics and Video Game of Abidjan (FEJA) which is the largest eSport event of the continent. In fact, 50,000 gaming enthusiasts are expected and 256 players will compete until the finals for a cash prize of 10,000 euros.

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Sponsors, increasing cash prizes, Pro gamers, eSport is provoking such enthusiasm on the African continent that competitions planned months in advance cannot cope with the influx of participants. This phenomenon has had the consequence of having to shift many of the above-mentioned events from 2 weeks to 2 months. The organizers planned everything except the passion of hardcore gamers and pro gamers.

These famous African pro gamers are competing in associations and then in leagues. They spend hours training like their counterparts in the rest of the world.There are no gaming houses in South Africa except The White Rabbit Gaming House https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Eq4EfTcajFA. So it’s only after school or work that the gamers are training in order to win as many titles as possible. A devouring passion, an insatiable thirst to gain trophies but above all the love of gaming as motivation.

Overview of African gamers

Firstly, in Morocco, there’s the Black Lotus team that dominates in the country’s very famous League of Legend competition. To be noted that the country is equipped with a professional esport league thanks to Inwi telephone operator.

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Following, Algeria and its pro Taigun team that was created thanks to NACL. We also add Limitless GG, a UK structure that recruits Algerian gamers such as Tedj “Saliom” Nemoura for its domination in the Heartstone game.

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Tunisia is not forgotten with Armoured Brothers, the best League of Legend Maghrebian team. They are heavily training for the World’s Video Game Championship in November 2017 at Busan north Corea.

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Since we are talking about world championship, we cannot refrain from talking about the egyptian team Anubis which members can be considered the pioneers of professional gaming in Africa, and came on the 5’th place in the World’s Video Game Championship that was held in Jakarta in 2016. They will compete again in the World Championship that will take place in Busan in order to defend their colors on League of Legends.

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We’ll head to Cameroon to see that the team Black Otakus is very active in all tournaments. More than a regular eSport team, it wants to promote Cameroon and mainly Africa on a world scale. A no limit mindset” that could give wings to anybody. You can see in the photo SEN-GAMES (Senegal gaming association).

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In South Africa, the Bravado Gaming cannot be left behind, and they can be proud that they stood up to a fierce team like Team LDLC. Bravado Gaming is more than a team, but an organization and even an eSport mark born in 2006 with the purpose of promoting the eSport in the region and reunite programmers and fans behind the same banner.

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Youth is undeniably the strength of the African continent. This is what constitutes the future pro gamers.

In the same movement we can also note the progressive creation of eSport federations in many African countries as Tunisia, Egypt, South Africa, Namibia, Zimbabwe and Ghana, Algeria and Morocco. These federations are thus able to federate, to organize big events but also to allow the players to professionalize themselves.

In addition to that, we can talk about African game development studios such as nukedcockroach and its hit MOBA Veterans, or Kiroo Games studio from Cameroon with its excellent game Aurion an RPG totally involved in Africa taking care of several local cultural codes. If you’re dreaming of to discovering Madagascar, you can do it using Lomaytech studio car games though immersive demonic tracks. The list of the high quality African game development studio is still long and even VR is deployed. Finally, the Algerian game development studio Xerise will certainly seduce you with its addictive and creative games.

Pro gamers, tournaments that are phenomenally successful, players who export … Africa is the next continent Esport!


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